Fun Activities When You’re Alone

Have you ever found yourself at home and have nothing to do? All your friends are busy at school/work, they’re sick, or they have to go somewhere else? Well don’t sit at home bored because of them. Here’s some fun things you can do!

Go to Sky High or Big Air!

Places like Sky High or Big Air are basically gigantic trampoline houses. There are just rows and rows of trampoline just for jumping! Do flips into the foam pit, play dodge ball, or just jump twice your height! It offers great exercise and just the pure fact of jumping so high is just crazy fun.


sky high 2 sky high1

Go Kart Racing!!

Go Go Kart Racing at K1 Speed! Racing other people in small go karts is extremely fun. Your adrenaline is going and the speed is crazy. You just go so fast and it’s loads of excitement. It’s very safe and is so cool to have so much speed and control at your disposal. You can’t regularly race in a car and get that feeling of speed. So why not do it at a Go Kart Racing place??

go kart 1go kart







Catch a Movie

Go see the latest movie at the movie theater! Movies are a great way to spend your personal alone time. You don’t even need a friend anyways. Technically speaking there shouldn’t even be talking with another person during the movie. Action movies keep you off your feet. Comedy movies also keep you off your feet and have you on the ground laughing your butt off. Seeing a movie of your interest is a great way to let a couple hours pass by. Grab some popcorn, a hotdog, and you have complete serenity. It’s simple but loads of fun.

Bake Something. Anything!

While at home, use your kitchen! Research online and find a new recipe for something quick and tasty. You can always keep yourself busy by especially trying NEW things. It’s your first time doing it so you generally pay more focus to it and make sure whatever you’re doing is precise. You can try to make a new muffin, cake, cake pop, cookie, pastry, or anything that interests you. And after, you have yourself a delicious (hopefully) treat you can enjoy.

bake 2bake



As you can see, there are many ways to keep yourself occupied if you’re by yourself. Being by yourself is good sometimes. But, being social and spending time with friends is good too. You have to find the balance between the two. But when you are alone, don’t sit around and do nothing. There’s many many activities out there that you can do to have tons of fun.



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