A Competitive Spirit. Good? or Bad?

Competitiveness. It can bring out the best of us, or the worse. So, how do we act upon it?

Well, moderation is everything. Yes. Whether its with food, or hanging out, or anything. Even being competitive. It’s definitely great to have a competitive spirit. Being competitive and fighting to be the top can definitely bring out the best of your abilities. For example, when I was running my half marathon. It was during my second marathon. But, the catch is that I was being competitive with myself. I wanted to beat my own half marathon time. My first one was horrible which was 2 hours and 15 minutes. Which averages to about a 10 minute mile. I was torn. Yes it was nevertheless difficult and I was hurting but I still didn’t like my time. So, I did the half marathon again and this time determined to improve. I was focused and I told myself I would stop less frequently. In the end, I beat my time. My competitive mindset willed me to do better. I beat my time by 5 minutes. Still not the best time but I improved. Without that motivation that came from my competitiveness in wanting to beat my other time, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I wouldn’t have pushed myself and would probably have walked a lot. So being competitive can work to your advantage. But, it can also be a bad thing as much as it a good thing.

Competitiveness can make enemies. If you get to competitive and it gets personal, you start to have this bitter quality against your rivals. You completely focus on beating your competition and if you don’t you become angry. Which is how you lose friends. It even happens with me to the point I can’t control it. I’m very competitive in everything I do. Whether it is at PE or even in any game. You can’t help a team being better than you no matter how hard you try. Then you hate the other team after they beat you. This brings out the wrong side in you and it’s not good sportsmanship.

There has to be a balance of competitive spirit. You have to make it work for you. Use it to your advantage but don’t let it get to you personally or anything. Some people who are great at being competitive are runners. It just seems like runners are so nice to each other. If I’m running along side a beach, on multiple occasions any other runners going the opposite way will either give me a thumbs up or a smile or any notation of encouragement. I don’t even know them yet they’re so supportive. It feels really good too to be supported like that. Even cross country runners are supportive. Everyone cheers for each other even if all the runners are from various schools that are competition against each other. In fact, its that thing in which we are competing in that even unites us sometimes.

racerunner suport







All in all, don’t let comparing to other people and wanting to be better than them make you bitter, but make that competitive spirit improve yourself even if its not good as others. 🙂


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