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I get high, Runner’s High


I’ve been running as a hobby and sport for a while now. At first I always had this connotation of running as the worst possible thing that was ever created in this world. I dreaded running even a mile. I couldn’t do more than a mile. My mind would not let me continue pass that one mile mark. I would literally collapse after the mile having thought I ran fast but realistically I only ran roughly an 8 minute mile (which is horrible compared to real runners). But that was when I didn’t run religiously. Now, running is my life. It’s my passion and love. How in the world did I go from absolutely hating the idea of running even a mile to running 13 miles as a fun activity.



What effects do school uniforms actually have?

school uniforms

Some schools have incorporated school uniforms as a part of their daily education system which consists of making their students have to go in public wearing ugly, out of style, drab outfits. I condemn this crime and hereby demand the ceasing of this ridiculous policy for all students of all schools!


How to Take Solid Pictures, with your phone

I’m not one to say that I am the number one go-to guy when it comes to photography but, I have had my experience with pictures. Clear pictures, filters, editing, I’ve gone through it all…with my phone.

Many of us can’t afford a $1000 DSLR Nikon camera, if you will, that will give us the clearest picture and coolest effects. Our main source of capturing moments usually comes from our phones. But, we just snap the picture sometimes not caring how it looks. If you’re like me you absolutely hate bad quality and blurry pictures. But if you’re also like me you only have 5 dollars in your pocket and can no where afford an actual photography camera. So, here’s how to take awesome photos with just your iPhone or Android.


Art, Harder than it seems..

I came across this video titled, “Amazing Watch!” I didn’t know what it was but the thumbnail showed this really cool painting it seemed of a landscape scene. Watch for yourself what it is(it’s quite lengthy but you can watch some then skip some to see the progression of the painting)