Art, Harder than it seems..

I came across this video titled, “Amazing Watch!” I didn’t know what it was but the thumbnail showed this really cool painting it seemed of a landscape scene. Watch for yourself what it is(it’s quite lengthy but you can watch some then skip some to see the progression of the painting)

Bam. Amazing. I was completely blown away. Who knew you can make something that incredible with spray cans. He literally did that entire painting in under 10 minutes. It takes crazy expertise and talent to make something like that. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that would be. As I was watching for videos similar to this I started thinking and I realized how large the scope of art is. It seems like there’s an infinite number of art forms and styles as well as many mediums. To list a few, mosaics, realistic drawings, cartoons and animations, sculptures, landscape drawings, painting miniatures, graffiti, abstract art, et cetera. Not only drawings but many may consider theater, literature, or even martial arts as a form of art. The wide spectrum of art is greatly vast and can come in many forms and styles. It’s hard to appreciate the actual skill and talent required to make such beautiful art until you try it out for yourself. So I did. Marvel at my amazing drawings.

                                     drawlin drawling

Awesome right? I think they’re amazing.


See this? This is crazy. I can assure you I did try to make my drawings resemble the pictures to the best of my ability and after drawing I realized how much detail goes into drawings like these. Both of these drawings look so real but they’re both drawn just by pencils. So much raw skill and detail goes into such drawings. I feel like they aren’t appreciated as much as they should be.


Take a look at this one. Drawing on the ground by chalk. Just think of the time and attention to detail that is required into making something like this. It looks so real!! I can’t imagine how to even do that. Some of these people are just so talented to be able to do something like this.

If you aren’t realizing the same thing I am then try this for yourself. Unless you have a god given talent to be able to draw things of this caliber, then draw something like this yourself and you will realize how much detail is actually put into each drawing to make it seem so real. Thinking about how art has evolved over the years is quite amazing in itself as well.

In realization of this I definitely do appreciate art much more now. I imagine how every quality picture probably has so much work and details put into it and that people just scroll through them and pay the picture one second of attention. I hope you guys will realize the same thing as me and have the same growing appreciation for art.



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