What effects do school uniforms actually have?

school uniforms

Some schools have incorporated school uniforms as a part of their daily education system which consists of making their students have to go in public wearing ugly, out of style, drab outfits. I condemn this crime and hereby demand the ceasing of this ridiculous policy for all students of all schools!

School uniforms make the mornings easy they say. Schools uniforms help kids focus on education they say. School uniforms are cheap they say. School uniforms promote school spirit they say…

Oh come on how much of that was actually interesting and didn’t make you want to puke?? School uniforms are ridiculous. I feel so bad for the kids that have to attend schools that require such policy. Never have I ever heard a student say they honestly enjoy having to wear same school uniforms everyday of the school year. It’s simple. School uniforms lack individuality, self expression, style, trend, color, personality, etc. Every single student in a school  wearing the same thing everyday gets boring and monotonous. Kids don’t get to express themselves and be unique. Such characteristics are vital to a teenagers growth. Choice of clothing is a great and very enjoyable privilege that all students enjoy.

Supporters of such horrid policy claim school uniforms to be cheap and makes choosing clothes easier. But, how much of that actually matters? Why would you want to be so thrifty as to miss out on the commons joys in life. I personally enjoy having to choose my clothes every morning and I’m sure all the students will enjoy it much more than wearing the same thing everyday.

Growing up, one needs to be able to have things so simple as to choose and be able to wear his or her own clothes. It gives a person an identity of who they are, it encourages social interaction, and is sooo much more fun. Personally I can’t imagine having to wear the same out of style shirt and khakis every day. That is like, disgusting.

People also claim that school uniforms reduce bullying but, honestly I don’t think it has much of an affect. Now days, you don’t see much of students bullying other students for not having “cool” clothes. Me personally having experience in school, I can say that it’s not so much as to someone picking on another about not having good clothes, it’s one person pressuring his or her own self about it. No one will have to tell them to have cool clothes but its just themselves saying they want the latest styles and for wanting to fit in. Honestly everyone is like that in a certain aspect because don’t we just want to feel like we fit in society? We conform to the latest trends and style and that’s just our nature as humans and that’s okay. We can accept that and just have fun with it.

I feel like making kids wear ugly clothes everyday is just not fair or not fun. Sure it may have small beneficial effects but it’s not enjoyable. Sometimes we all focus on what society sees as a success which is all A’s and an amazing college. So what school’s do is they become strict and imply policies such as making kids wear the same clothes to promote better studying. But what’s really happening is we worry so much about the future we forget to enjoy the present. I definitely do think school uniforms is a bit over board in regards to “finding the best way to conduct an educational system and take statistics and research to prove this thing is most effective.” Sometimes we should just stop with all the statistics and numbers and just do what makes life enjoyable because that’s all that matters.

I definitely do look down upon this idea of school uniforms. It’s just not fun. And it’s as simple as that. It’s easy for one to overlook such a privilege but when that privilege is taken away and replaced with boring, colorless clothes, it’s evident that it plays a role in our lives. When styles change in the future you can look back and laugh how ridiculous something was but everyone thought it was cool at the moment. But, with school uniforms everyone just wore the same thing and it was boring. So, to the schools that torture kids by forcing them to wear ugly clothes, please just let loose. Let your hard working students be able to have their own voice, express themselves, and struggle to find what to wear. Trust me, it’s way better.


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