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Mahatma Gandhi


To me, Gandhi was one of the most inspiring people in history. He was able to persuade and move an entire nation to resistance against foreign rule and he did so with no violence whatsoever. He lived an extremely successful life and fought against colonial rule, racial discrimination, and pursued independence for India. With his civil resistance he got the Europeans to succumb to his demand for independence of his country and restored justice.



Polaroid Cameras


What’s the only box from the 80’s that spits out a black card on the command of a button? A Polaroid Camera!

Everyone knows Polaroid Camera’s right? Or at least those square pictures that are spit out from the instant cameras that we’ve all seen before. They’re the cameras that when you take a picture with them an instant photo is printed out from the front. They were quintessential to the 70’s and 80’s and provided a cool way of preserving memories and good times. You just had to click the button and a square card would come out and you would have to wait while the image would magically appear. There are many really cool Polaroids today but, firstly, here’s the history of Polaroid:


Essentials to go Fishing

hope bassFor those of your who have never gone fishing before and would like to, you’ve come to the right page. Fishing is a fun activity packed with action but, you have to know what to do. You have to be prepared and ready in order to be successful in catching fish.