Essentials to go Fishing

hope bassFor those of your who have never gone fishing before and would like to, you’ve come to the right page. Fishing is a fun activity packed with action but, you have to know what to do. You have to be prepared and ready in order to be successful in catching fish.

Many people love fishing just for those few minutes of intense rush of adrenaline when the fish is on the bait and pulling on the line. It’s just a fast exciting moment of a rush of energy. After you have the fish and hold up your catch it’s just fun and cool to see what you’ve been waiting for.


Here’s what you need to get started:

1) Fishing Rod and Pole

fishing reel

Duh. Of course you need a rod to catch fish. If you’re just beginning and getting into fishing and want your own rod, don’t go out and buy an extremely expensive rod thinking it’ll catch you the most fish. Chances are you won’t even know how to use it. Just a cheap (but not to cheap) beginner’s rod is good enough. 40$ is the most you should be spending. Your nearest store like Big5 or Sport’s Authority or any store known to carry recreational sports equipment should carry fishing rods that vary from many prices and quality. The parts of the fishing rod and pole consist of the rod being the mechanical part that you turn the handle in order to reel the fishing wire back, and the pole that holds the string and helps pull it in.

2) Fishing line and hook

Just general fishing line that usually comes in a pack. Find strong fishing line that won’t snap or break. Otherwise, fishing line is pretty general.

fishing line

Hooks are also quite general. Their are different types like J hooks or circle hooks but they generally work the same way. You just tie the fishing hook onto the string and that’s basically your set up.

fishing hooks

Their are also different ways to tie fishing hooks. They may be difficult but with a little practice and muscle memory you won’t even have to think while doing it. These knots will keep the hooks tight and secured for any fish that grabs on.

how to tie a knot


There are many different types of bait for fishing. One includes live bait like worms or small fish. You can go to a fish or bait shop that have these provided. Others include fake or artificial bait. Fake bait is basically silicon fish that looks like food and when they fish bite at the they essentially get hooked onto the hook. Artificial bait can be bought at a shop that sells fishing materials and is like a capsule with paste. The paste you just take out with your finger, roll it into a ball, and stick it onto the hook. It’s supposed to smell like food and attract the fish.

fish artificial bait fish bait







fish lure





4) Sinker and Bobber

The sinker is attached with the hook because the hook and bait alone won’t sink all that much. A sinker will provide weight in order to sink the hook and bait where more fish may be.

fish sinker

A bobber or floater is a little plastic ball on the fishing line that floats. Whenever it moves or is pulled down, you’ll know a fish is there and that you’re ready to reel. Both these things are very handy when it comes to fishing.

fish bobber


After you’ve finished setting up your entire fishing pole then you can start fishing! To cast the fishing line, you just need to rotate your body back, turn switch or knob that will set the reel to release and free the strong, and turn your body forward and swing the pole forward to cast out the fishing line. Once you’ve done that you can place your fishing pole in a PVC pipe or anywhere that it can rest. Setting up a few fishing poles at once increases your chances to get fish and cuts your wait time down in between fish.

Once you really get into fishing their are many other miscellaneous items such as knives to filet the fish, different lures, different hook ties, and many other accessories that will enhance a fisherman’s fishing experience.

Fishing is a very fun activity for any free time. Going with a couple of friends with a cooler or two and heading out on a boat to spend the day fishing and just talking is tons of fun. It’s the excitement of having a fish pull your hook and the mystery of seeing your catch that keeps fishermen addicted and coming for more. Once you get a good understanding of catching basic fish like blue fin tuna, trout, or catfish then you can catch other fish like yellow fin or even sharks. Some fishermen also go as far as to start getting lobsters as well. Once you get to know a lot about fishing you see how broad the spectrum of fishing is. It includes many different things so you’ll never get bored. My favorite thing to do is catch a fish and to take it home and eat it. It’s just fun to go out and get your own dinner in an enjoyable way and to get to eat it.

Now that you know the basics, go out and try fishing for yourself!




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