Mahatma Gandhi


To me, Gandhi was one of the most inspiring people in history. He was able to persuade and move an entire nation to resistance against foreign rule and he did so with no violence whatsoever. He lived an extremely successful life and fought against colonial rule, racial discrimination, and pursued independence for India. With his civil resistance he got the Europeans to succumb to his demand for independence of his country and restored justice.

Gandhi didn’t start off as a wise inspirational man fighting for independence though. He was actually a lawyer and had studied law in Europe. He dabbled in theosophical works and read the Koran, the Bible, and religious Indian books. His journey in fighting for justice and truth started when he was called to fight for a case in South Africa. In London, England where he had studied law, there was no discrimination. Nobody cared if he was Indian and everyone went by him normally. But, when he went to South Africa, he was on one of the train rides and a white man working at the train noticed him. The man got furious because there were never colored people riding first class. Gandhi had all the proper papers to prove he was in first class but the white man didn’t accept it. He said to move or get kicked off the train. Gandhi remained stubborn at his rightful place and got kicked off of the train.

gandhi young

This event brought awareness of the discrimination towards colored people in South Africa. Back in England none of this happened so this really alarmed him. For the next 20 years Gandhi fought and opposed against discriminatory legislation against Indians and did so without violence.

He returned to India in 1914 and there continued his works for justice. He fought for unfair taxes towards the poor working class, led a massive crowd of people on a march towards the coast of the Indian Ocean to make salt in protest against British monopoly, encouraged Indians to spin their own cotton to boycott British goods, etc.

After years and years of his continuous civil disobedience for justice, he inspired an entire nation to unite and remain passive and eventually brought the Europeans to their knees. It was evident of the Europeans’ injustice because the Indians did not fight, all the wanted was their own human rights. Thus, putting a bad image on the Europeans. After many conferences regarding progress towards Indian reforms he finally achieved independence for India in 1947.

ganhdi civil resist

Gandhi didn’t want the power for himself. He didn’t want luxury and money. He was powerful in a sense that he could inspire a crowd of people with his but he lived a very rational life. He often fasted and wore simple linen cloth. By setting this example for the entire Indian nation, he was able to get everyone to stay calm in times of chaos and eventually won independence.

Gandhi knew that fighting and war wouldn’t so anything. He knew not to scold because scolding did not achieve anything. He fought but did so civilly in a way that caused the European structure to cave in on itself and give India back its freedom.




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