Should You Be Judging Others?


You should not be judging anyone. It’s a horrible habit and stigma we have as a society in that we judge people or things upon their appearance to us. This type of thing goes hand in hand with stereotypes and its a hindrance to society and we have to do our best to work towards ridding ourselves of this ridiculous mindset. Judging others without knowing anything about them other than a preconceived appearance just screams out ignorance and we really shouldn’t represent ourselves this way. Actually, it’s almost hypocritical for me to talk about this because I’m guilty to such actions. Everyone has judged without full knowledge at least once in their life and we really should start training ourselves into having a mindset where something like this is unacceptable. You don’t realize this but you aren’t the only one judging. You are judging others thinking it doesn’t matter, while at the same you don’t realize people are judging you and all of a sudden when you realize it you don’t like it. And if you’re here reading this saying you don’t judge others, I’m here to tell you that you’re most likely wrong. You judge without realizing it.

It is the human thing of us to do. I do believe that to an extent it is something that we do by human nature BUT, part of it is also what is fed to us in the beginning that plays a large role. We are fed with stereotypes and we use those to judge people.

You see a man on the street wearing shabby clothes, has long grey hair, and is asking for money and you try and avoid him. You judge him and you let that control your mind and let appearances be your primary source on your thought of someone.

Well guess what you didn’t know? This man you are avoiding is a homeless veteran and he has fought in wars for you and your country on the battlefield. He put his life on the line for his country and you look down upon him and you avoid him. How about now? What do you think now? How do you think you hold up against this guy you saw just as poor and worthless? Do you think you would be so brave that you could do such service and look down upon a veteran?

And that’s our hamartia in society that is built into our brains. We judge without knowing the person and its pure ignorance. There is so much more to a person than just appearance. It isn’t right to do this and we acknowledge it yet we judge anyways. We have to beat it into ourselves to not do that and treat everyone equally. Get rid of preconceived notions of other people and stop judging unless you want to be treated the same way.

Obviously someone might say, “what if this guy looks like an axe murderer and we can’t judge them and then he does turn out to be an axe murderer?”

Yes, if someone looks like an axe murderer and you really fear for your life being in their presence, I beg you please act accordingly. In that case, use your best judgment to determine your actions. There’s a fine line between judging someone wrongly and using judgment and instinct to sense danger. If your intuition tells you there’s danger and you feel you are in danger being near a stranger, then yes act accordingly. But you have to realize where the unfair judging and saving your life stand apart and be able to distinct between the two. And, DO NOT let racial factors be a reason to which you feel endangered. It’s stereotypical and wrong. When you’re judging you don’t realize how wrong it can be.

You see a teenager in the corner alone with his hood on and you think he’s weird and antisocial. You whisper to your friend and you say, “Wow what a weirdo let’s walk away from him.” Little did you know that his dad just died of cancer and he’s going through the worst time of his life because his dad was everything to him. Now how would you feel? Like a complete jerk right? Because now you would look and feel completely dumbfounded. Judging on first impressions isn’t the way to go about acknowledging people and that’s all there is to it. It’s simple to understand but hard to apply. You really do have to beat yourself into not judging others but once you do you’ll know you’re building your own rightful character and values. I encourage everyone to try and train themselves into not judging others too quickly.



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