Trying To Wrap My Head Around Cyber-bullying/bullying


Here’s the thing: I don’t get cyber bullying. Apparently it’s a big situation going on causing somewhat of a distrust and caution against the internet. I understand people are affected by this and I definitely don’t support the people who are invoking it because any bullying is wrong. What I don’t get is, why is this even a thing??? Seriously… Just look away from the screen people!

I understand it if the situation consists of getting a bombardment of totally degrading and insulting comments from a numerous account of people on your social media. I have heard stories of that and I definitely condemn such things. But if it’s as simple as someone just teasing you over a message, I don’t get why sometimes those things become such a big deal. In school they stress bullying a lot and they’ll consider any little remark as a definite and serious case and consider serious consequences. Between me and my friends we tease each other a lot especially in my cross country team. But see, that’s the thing. Sometimes you’re the laughing stock but other times you make other people a laughing stock. It’s equal and honestly I find it fun and as to my team we become good friends getting a laugh out of each other. But schools go on and say ,”Anyone making fun of you or teasing you is a bully, even if you consider them your friend.” Honestly even if the person isn’t completely a stranger and he/she says something against you, I wouldn’t consider it a big deal. Maybe if it was constant, then yes but if it’s one or two remarks I wouldn’t consider going to the principal about it. Come on people, build yourself a thick skin. There are so many defenses to this that its almost ridiculous this is a thing. Walk away, ignore them, if you’re quick, throw back a good comeback then you’re even. Who cares about them. If someone is trying to be funny and tease you or what not, why should that mean anything to you. They obviously have nothing funny to say so they try using other people. Why care for people like that? It shouldn’t even matter. Especially in cyber bullying. Block them or don’t add people you aren’t familiar with in the first place. Don’t let them do things like that to you.

Thinking about that it’s hard for me to realize things like cyber bullying or even bullying in general. I think people need to develop a thick skin and maybe take a joke or two without making it some big deal. Everyones has gone through it. It’s life. Sometimes in the real world you’ve got to be tough whether it’s at work or a school or anything really. I’ve been teased multiple times. I laugh about it and move on. It’s not like being teased or made fun off has really ruined my childhood or anything. I’ve been embarrassed and harassed but I wouldn’t think to go to the principal to be a snitch. It helps you build a thick skin and once you do, people like that won’t mean a thing to you.

I don’t know, maybe I’m being a little insensitive. I don’t mean to promote bullying at all but that’s just how I perceive it. I really do mean well though. I get when bullying becomes something more than just a tease or making fun of someone and it turns into constant torturing and annoyance. In a situation like that, I definitely recommend speaking up about it.  But these little things that happen a bit more often, I don’t think should be made a big deal. Maybe I just haven’t been exposed to such thing myself so I don’t fully understand the other side of the topic but I know I have been made fun of but still I just laugh at it and move on. No biggie. And that’s also why I think cyber bullying and maybe bullying in general shouldn’t be that big of a thing. The type of actual bullying that goes far beyond simple teasing doesn’t happen as often as movies portray, at least not as much in my area. You can come up with so many defenses against bullying that are so simple, it shouldn’t even touch you. It’s ridiculous how amazingly easy it is to just shut off your computer if you are being cyber bullied. Build a thick skin and people won’t mess with you.


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