Comparing Two Worlds: East Coast vs. West Coast

I live in the west coast so going to the east for me was like stepping into another dimension. Both are so drastically different I could hardly believe I was in the same country. The look, feel, and vibe are just so different from each other. This definitely isn’t a bad thing I mean, it was a great experience. Let me give you the feel of the two:

East Coast

I’ve only been to New York and Washington D.C. but, I’ll explain my experiences there because I think these two places are very iconic to East Coast. My trip to New York consisted of me taking the Amtrak train from Washington D.C. to New York which meant I stayed underground the entire time. I wasn’t in an airplane and I didn’t get the aerial view so it was a bit different for me. When I got off the train I was still underground and it was filled with hundreds of people who were tourists, locals, people going to work, people with an act or performance with their bucket or hat on the floor, trying to make some money. I was in the subway. This is main transportation for the local population and tourists. It runs through the city like veins and can take you virtually to anywhere and any destination in the city, at least within walking distance of it. I could see the staircase that led to the surface streets. I heard the muffled sounds of cars, constructions, and honking of yellow taxi cabs. I worked my way up the steps towards the light of the surface. The noise became louder and clearer. As I finally reached the top I stepped into another world and took a look. There it was. The urban concrete jungle scene. It had looked just like it was in the movies. Crowded, yellow cars, tons of people, construction, traffic, and honking.

new york taxis

The populated urban city scene is especially unique to the East Coast. Crowded, clumped, noisy, full of taxis and construction, and filled with pedestrians. Everything was there. It was like stepping into another universe. You look up and you don’t see the vast, spread out skies but, you see the top of buildings and  I think the number one, major, outstanding characteristic exclusive mainly to the East are the HUGE skyscrapers. These buildings absolutely cannot go unnoticed and tower high above the population. They’re absolutely beautiful.

new york sky scrapers (world trade center)

The entire feel of the area was nothing like I have ever had in the West Coast whether I’m in SoCal, Bay Area, Los Angeles, or anywhere on the west for the matter of fact. Washington gave me the same but somehow different awe feeling. I couldn’t get over the tall skyscrapers and stacked apartments. You walk out of your apartment and right in front of you is everything. Convenience stores, restaurants, clothing stores, transportation, people, EVERYTHING. It was all within very short walking distance. Everything was so compacted and close together. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It was a whole new and amazing experience and I fell in love with it. Obviously these are the central urban areas. East coast also contains a lot of rural areas as well. Many people leave on the countryside where there’s still wild life and few buildings. The land here tends to be vast but mainly acres of nothing but grass. When I think of East Coast weather I think of the snow. East Coasts winters are characterized by extreme cold and snow. On the west coast it doesn’t get too awfully cold so the fact that it snows and general elevation is pretty cool and interesting. East Coast is crowded areas of people and taxis, tall buildings, and having many restaurants and stores right at your disposal.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the west coast. The California beaches are amazing, there are beautiful areas, and the weather is the best.

huntington beach pier

But, after living here all my life it’s hard to appreciate it now that it’s become monotonous. I literally run along the beach trail every single weekend. It’s the same freakin’ beach scene, the same sunset, the same trails and it just gets boring. Some people may think I’m crazy, wondering how I could dislike the California coast especially if you’re someone who’s new to Cali, have just experienced it, and have fallen in love with it. The area is very wide and spread out. It’s not to crowded except in major cities so you don’t get too many pedestrians on the sidewalks or streets either. Everyone is in their car trying to get to the other side of the city to get to the store they need to get to. The color of green given by the trees are ubiquitous to the area. The beaches are vast and crowded with surfers, swimmers, tanners, sand castle makers, skateboarders, runners, etc.

venice beach

Iconic cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have beautiful West Coast scenery with their own personality added into it that you can’t quite find in the East. Much of the area is spread out wide and vast. If elevated, you can see across the area and you can see the building structures. They aren’t high and are more built wide.  The streets are very wide, containing 3-4 lanes per direction whereas in crowded areas like New York or D.C., the streets are only 1-2 narrow lanes. The weather in California is some of the best in the world. The winters in the east are below freezing while the winters in California remain at a comfortable 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. We enjoy our weather and soak in the radiant sunlight. Hot summers result in jumping in cool beaches. Many areas in the United States miss the privilege of enjoying a hot beach day but the West Coast is definitely not one of them. West Coast is wide areas, beautiful beaches, and amazing weather.

california beach carlsbad


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