Nike Air Mag Finally in 2015?!?!

nike air mag gif

In the 1989 movie, Back to The Future Part 2, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is seen wearing these futuristic Nike shoes that light up and even self tie themselves. The comedy/sci-fi movie was released in 1989 but the story was set in 2015, which was the future from where the Nike Air Mag would come from. Fast forward 26 years and here we are, 2015. But, where are these futuristic, self tying Nike shoes that Back to The Future claims there to be?

nike air mag

Indeed they are here and have been here since 2011 when the Back to The Future Nike Air Mag replicas were released. They were almost completely accurate to the ones displayed in the movie with only one thing missing; the self tying function. There were 1500 pairs made and they were auctioned on ebay where the proceeds would go towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease Research. Even though these official Nike replicas were very aesthetically appealing, they did not have that iconic self tying function that made the shoes popular. Well, WORRY NO FURTHER YOU SNEAKERHEAD, BACK TO THE FUTURE FANS. They’re coming and 2015 is the year where they were in the movie so 2015 is when they shall be delivered!!

Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s chief of innovation, has confirmed they are working on this shoe to be released in 2015, the year they appeared in the movie. Claims have also been made on  Nike’s patent of the self tying lace functionality which they call power lace. Although this is an extremely anticipated events by enthusiasts of shoes and the movies, don’t expect them to be so easily attainable once they’re debuted. First off, the price won’t exactly be cheap for the average sneakerhead. You’ve got to be a major fan to invest in these. The 2011 replicas alone go for hundreds of dollars and in some cases, thousands. You can only imagine how much money the new 2015 Nike Air Mags WITH the power laces will be listed for. Not just the pricing will be a big obstacle, but then you’ll definitely be having  a run for your money. Their are crazy sneakerhead, Back to The Future fans out there who will literally fight for these exclusive shoes when they’re released. Good luck getting they’re fast enough. I predict these will come out of stock FAST

nike air mag tinker

nike air mag hatfield

Although these shoes look very cool with the lights, and futuristic mold, who would actually wear these? Especially after paying hundreds of dollars for it you wouldn’t want a blemish on these treasures. Plus, you’d look like some freak alien with them. Although, you would attract tons of attention and definitely turn heads. Many buy these for display purposes and don’t actually wear them. Some fans even get angry when people wear these shoes. They treat them as if they are artifacts and shouldn’t be touched.

nike air mag scientist

I for one am very excited for the release of the new 2015 Nike Air Mags. Even though it is highly unlikely that I will ever attain one, I’m excited for the power lace technology. Hopefully with the innovative self tying function already established, Nike will incorporate this cool feature into future shoes.


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