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Good Morning America

I came by this post and found it very intriguing. It’s interesting to see one’s own opinions on the news. He provides a good claim on the current police force and is an overall interesting read. I myself can agree and disagree on the position. On multiple occasions, the police have been shown to be militarized and brutal. Although I believe a police force is important to justice and safety in society, I don’t think that they should be so brutal and militarized as many instances were they display themselves as such. Maybe the system needs to be changed and fixed. Not all policemen are bas though. Many are very good policemen who care about the safety of others, but the ones which do commit these brutal acts towards citizens, should be punished. Many instances that this blog explains, shows how the police are using unnecessary weapons against protestors whom have the freedom of speech. It definitely isn’t fair and something needs to be done to prevent it.

Check the blog out, it’s a great read.


Lately, around the great nation of the United States, there have been numerous incidents where police have hurt and targeted many civilians which has led to many of their deaths. There was a time when the specific race of people would be targeted, now one specific race is not being targeted, it is the people as a whole. All people are being targeted by brutal police attacks, but one race of people is the easiest for police to target. Black communities around the nation have been traumatized by the pain and suffering that has been inflicted upon them by the men who have been sworn to protect us.

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Preparing for a Half Marathon

half marathon

To this date I’ve ran quite a number of marathons. At first I faced a ton of adversity and anxiety but over the months, they’ve become numb to me as I have become accustomed to them. It has almost become a routine for me every time I sign up for a half marathon. I haven’t done a full marathon yet, which is my ultimate goal. I’ve gone up to 20 miles but a full marathon is 26. But still, even the thought of a 20 mile run makes me shiver, let alone adding 6 more. However, 13 miles (half marathon) have become a bit easier and I can overcome them with little thought. If you are trying out running for the first time or are beginning and aiming for a 13 mile goal, there is a lot of preparing that needs to be done.


Messing With People is Fun

I’m a really easy going, light hearted guy. I like to lightly tease people and evoke a laugh and it honestly gives me a good time. It’s not like a put people down though and make them feel bad. That’s just mean. I like to bring out funny reactions out of people in order to make them and others and myself laugh. It’s great to find people who are a great sport about it but, some are just so uptight and serious they don’t seem to like the joke or gag.

I went around my school and filmed a comedy video of me messing with people. Check it out:

Anyways, I bet you’re still wondering, “What’s this blog about?”