Messing With People is Fun

I’m a really easy going, light hearted guy. I like to lightly tease people and evoke a laugh and it honestly gives me a good time. It’s not like a put people down though and make them feel bad. That’s just mean. I like to bring out funny reactions out of people in order to make them and others and myself laugh. It’s great to find people who are a great sport about it but, some are just so uptight and serious they don’t seem to like the joke or gag.

I went around my school and filmed a comedy video of me messing with people. Check it out:

Anyways, I bet you’re still wondering, “What’s this blog about?”

Well, it’s about…..PRAANKKS!!


Even though April Fools has passed, the pranks don’t have to end. Funny light hearted pranks are the best to get people with and can be fun to do. Just don’t get overwhelmingly annoying. Here are some of my most favorite and easiest pranks:

Feather Prank!

This is a super funny prank that’ll get the best reaction out of people and they don’t even realize it. You just get some soft, feathery material and carefully sneak behind a person, and tickle their ear with it. It’s so funny to see someone jerk their head and pat their ear. Here’s a funny video of it:

Saran Wrap!

This prank requires some set up. But if you have a sibling that wakes up late and stays in their bedroom with the door closed sleeping, then this will be a great prank.

So the gag is to take saran wrap, and tape it across their door. Make sure its spread across tight so that it seems clear. You would think someone would notice it but if you tape it carefully enough it actually is hard to tell. Your victim will open the door and walk straight through the saran wrap and you’ll be on the floor laughing until you can’t breathe. Ever funnier, set up a camera in view of the door but hidden, and record it. You’ll thank me later.

Here’s a video:

Spraying Faucet Prank!

Here’s a really easy prank with a really easy setup which you can do on a family member. First, grab a small piece of duct tape the size of a rectangle. Next, tape it on the underside of the faucet. Don’t let the tape come up on the sides too mjuch or it might be noticeable. Don’t cover the entire faucet. Cover half of it and leave the half facing towards the person using it, open. Once they turn it on, the tape will cause the flowing of water to spray everywhere! Just leave it on and go about your activities. Eventually in the day you’ll hear, “AAAHH!!!!”

And there you go! There are three fairly easy pranks you can pull off with little materials required or any complex planning needed. I hope you have fun and get a huge laugh out of this!


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