So for one of my novels I read in class, as an analysis we split ourselves into groups and answered questions that students made, and we would debate/ discuss the questions. We would present our group’s take on the question to the class and also respond to our opponents’ take on the question.


The BRAWL was both fun to participate in and watch as well. Some debates got extremely heated with about 8 students arguing over one question. It was almost like watching a UFC fight. There was so much heated tension and it was all so interesting to watch. It showed me how being more involved as a class makes it more interesting for everyone as a whole. I was fortunate to have a weird, loud class because for activities like this we’re more comfortable with speaking in front of the class and getting involved which enhances the learning experience. Rather then the teacher asking a question and the entire class waits for him or her to answer it.

For this particular assignment, I took part in answering some of the questions and also represented my team in BOTH BRAWLS. My group didn’t specifically assign certain questions to each other. We all got on the same google doc and just worked on the question. We edited each other’s question and it seem to work out for us. When I went up to BRAWL, I did my best to be understandable and to get my point across. I wanted to not drift from the question but answer it effectively with concrete examples. I did my best to give examples and I learned that examples help your peers relate to what you’re saying and can help them better understand your argument.

Overall, the BRAWL was a great experience because I got to observe my peers BRAWL and learn from them. Being up there and BRAWL-ing is a lot of pressure and you have to think quick. Whenever the other team came up with something, I would have to think of a way to deliver something else better than them and I was able to benefit from having experience in situations where I’m under pressure. It was also quite entertaining and engaging as well.


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