Memories Are Everything (Make Your Mark: FVHS)

High school is an extremely significant chapter in your life which you will never forget. You’ll never forget the school, but how will the school not forget you?

Introducing MAKE YOUR MARK: FVHS. The idea is simple yet powerful. Seniors are able to purchase tiles which they themselves can decorate and paint then turn in. The ceramic tiles will all be lined along the wall of the bowl of FVHS. What better way to display the spirit of FVHS students and allow the students to engrave a piece of them into the school forever. It can truly become a beautiful addition to our school by the hands of FVHS students themselves. Seniors can come back decades later when they’ve grown up into mature adults, and go back to their tile and relive a part of their past at this school.

ceramic tiles

The colorful collection of tiles will definitely be an extremely beautiful outcome to cover the plain white walls around the FVHS bowl.

The project materials itself are fairly cheap with each tile under a dollar and each bottle of paint roughly around 2 dollars. This project and selling of tiles can even raise funds that will go right back into the school. It’s a great way to give the school some money and let students leave a piece of themselves on the school forever.

Looking back memories are everything and how cool would it be to let students imprint a memory for themselves on the school.



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