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Here are some of the books I’ve recently been reading and have enjoyed. I tend to enjoy books that are from a series so many of my books will be books from a series.

Mark Of Athena

book 1

This book is a part of the Heroes of Olympus series, which is also a series that follows the Percy Jackson series. So if you want to read this book. You’d have to read the Percy Jackson series, then the first two books in the Heroes of Olympus Series, that precede the Mark of Athena to make any sense of it. The entire series is basically based upon Greek and Roman mythology which involves the Greek/Roman gods as well. The Gods give birth to demigods whom often attain some sort of power which their God/Goddess father/mother resemble. They’re put on quests and have to overcome obstacles such as monsters.

House of Hades

book 2
House of Hades is ALSO a part of the Heroes of Olympus series. It follows the Mark of Athena and currently is the most recent book published of the series so far. I just had to read it and continue the series until it is finished. They are great page turners that will make you stay up at night.


The Gift (Witches and Wizards)

book 3

The Gift, by James Patterson is the second book of his Witches and Wizards series. It’s a fun book about two siblings whom’s lives changes overnight. One day they lived a normal life and the next, a new, tyrannical government has taken control and seized their parents from them. They find out that they have gifts of witches and wizards and have to overthrow this government in order to save their parents. The government is the main obstacle and they have to use and master their ‘powers’ in order to save their parents.



Of Mice and Men

book 4

I came across this book in the Classical section of the library. I new it was one of the classics but had never read it. I figured I would quickly read it for it was a fairly short book. It’s a fun humorous book about to friends, George and Lennie. Lennie is a large but ignorant man. He’s huge and strong but his mind is that of a child’s. He likes to pet small animals but often underestimates his own strength. George his friend, has the mind of any average person his age. Lennie is entirely dependent of George but sometimes George can’t handle Lennie’s stupidity. *CAUTION* The ending is not so great.




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