Comparing Two Worlds: East Coast vs. West Coast

I live in the west coast so going to the east for me was like stepping into another dimension. Both are so drastically different I could hardly believe I was in the same country. The look, feel, and vibe are just so different from each other. This definitely isn’t a bad thing I mean, it was a great experience. Let me give you the feel of the two:

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Trying To Wrap My Head Around Cyber-bullying/bullying


Here’s the thing: I don’t get cyber bullying. Apparently it’s a big situation going on causing somewhat of a distrust and caution against the internet. I understand people are affected by this and I definitely don’t support the people who are invoking it because any bullying is wrong. What I don’t get is, why is this even a thing??? Seriously… Just look away from the screen people!

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How to Play With Fire!!

*WARNING* Be extremely careful when performing or executing any of these tricks. They are very fun when taken very carefully and cautiously. BE SAFE 🙂

Ever since I was a little boy I loved playing with fire. I always got in trouble for it but nevertheless I was fascinated by it. I don’t know what it was but just seeing paper burn excited me. As of now I’m no longer a little kid so I get away with it it a little bit more and I’ve even taught myself some tricks utilizing fire. The first trick I’ve ever learned allowed me to literally hold a ball of fire in my hands.



This trick requires a cotton ball, and acetone(nail polish remover). It’s rather simple but just takes guts and you can’t bail out when doing it. To do this, you need to take one cotton ball and soak it in the acetone just enough to make it damp. Not to dry but not too wet either. Then all you have to do is place it in your hand, get SOMEONE ELSE to ignite it with a lighter, and voila; you have yourself a fireball. Only thing with this is that you have to bounce it in between your hands. You CANNOT let it sit there for too long or it will burn and get hot. If you bounce and alternate it in between hands then it shouldn’t feel hot at all. But don’t think you can do this with anything. Don’t ball up a piece of paper and think that bouncing it between your hands will make it less hot for you. Acetone makes the fire cooler and more manageable. I recommend doing this above a sink or at least make sure that there is a source of water nearby.

blog 1 acetone


This simple trick that requires little skill and practice will let you blow fire like a dragon! All you need is paper, corn starch, a spoon, and a lighter. Roll up the piece of paper so that it is long and not too close to your hands. Use your lighter to set one end of the paper on fire and hold the other end with your fingers. You don’t have to use paper, you can use cardboard or construction paper or anything that u can hold up and will light on fire. The flame just has to be big enough because the flame on a candle would be to small and it wouldn’t work. Next take your spoon and scoop out a big spoonful of corn starch and put it in your mouth. Don’t worry the cornstarch won’t taste like anything but the texture might be a bit peculiar.  The absolute biggest rule for this trick to remember: DO NOT INHALE. DO NOT INHALE the cornstarch at all. It is bad for your lungs if you inhale it so breathe through your nose if you need to. After you are ready with the cornstarch in your mouth, hold the fire up, and blow out! You want to basically whistle the cornstarch out to disperse it. If you try to set the powder on fire when it is all together in a cup, you’ll notice it won’t ignite. But, if you disperse the cornstarch like dust, it will ignite immediately thus giving you the effect of breathing fire. I recommend doing this trick outside above cement or asphalt with someone nearby and a water source nearby as well.

blog 1 corn starch

blog 1 breathe fire


This trick is pretty easy and you’ll most likely have these items at home. Here’s how the effect works: Present a lit candle, seemingly pour an empty glass over the candle, and extinguish the flame. Claim that the glass was filled with magic water.

The trick is pretty easy but just requires some set up. The materials you will need are a candle, lighter, a glass cup, baking soda, and vinegar. Prepare this trick by creating a reaction between vinegar and baking soda. You don’t need a glass full of the baking soda and/or vinegar but just enough to create a quick reaction. The chemical reaction between these two created carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is heavier than the air so it will just sit in the cup. Then, all you have to do is basically pour this carbon dioxide over the flame and it will be extinguished…MAGICALLY! Try it once to make sure you know that it works and you can perform this at a party or in front of your friends to impress them. The most difficult part will probably be the set up.

blog 1 blow out


Now you have three, cool, new, tricks that you can perform using fire. It’s great for parties, performing to your friends to impress them, or to just do at home if you’re ever bored and have nothing to do. Remember, be careful and make sure you take safety precautions before doing these tricks. Once you’ve got everything set up, you’ll have a great time!

Should You Be Judging Others?


You should not be judging anyone. It’s a horrible habit and stigma we have as a society in that we judge people or things upon their appearance to us. This type of thing goes hand in hand with stereotypes and its a hindrance to society and we have to do our best to work towards ridding ourselves of this ridiculous mindset. Judging others without knowing anything about them other than a preconceived appearance just screams out ignorance and we really shouldn’t represent ourselves this way. Actually, it’s almost hypocritical for me to talk about this because I’m guilty to such actions. Everyone has judged without full knowledge at least once in their life and we really should start training ourselves into having a mindset where something like this is unacceptable. You don’t realize this but you aren’t the only one judging. You are judging others thinking it doesn’t matter, while at the same you don’t realize people are judging you and all of a sudden when you realize it you don’t like it. And if you’re here reading this saying you don’t judge others, I’m here to tell you that you’re most likely wrong. You judge without realizing it.

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Mahatma Gandhi


To me, Gandhi was one of the most inspiring people in history. He was able to persuade and move an entire nation to resistance against foreign rule and he did so with no violence whatsoever. He lived an extremely successful life and fought against colonial rule, racial discrimination, and pursued independence for India. With his civil resistance he got the Europeans to succumb to his demand for independence of his country and restored justice.

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Polaroid Cameras


What’s the only box from the 80’s that spits out a black card on the command of a button? A Polaroid Camera!

Everyone knows Polaroid Camera’s right? Or at least those square pictures that are spit out from the instant cameras that we’ve all seen before. They’re the cameras that when you take a picture with them an instant photo is printed out from the front. They were quintessential to the 70’s and 80’s and provided a cool way of preserving memories and good times. You just had to click the button and a square card would come out and you would have to wait while the image would magically appear. There are many really cool Polaroids today but, firstly, here’s the history of Polaroid:

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Essentials to go Fishing

hope bassFor those of your who have never gone fishing before and would like to, you’ve come to the right page. Fishing is a fun activity packed with action but, you have to know what to do. You have to be prepared and ready in order to be successful in catching fish.

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I get high, Runner’s High


I’ve been running as a hobby and sport for a while now. At first I always had this connotation of running as the worst possible thing that was ever created in this world. I dreaded running even a mile. I couldn’t do more than a mile. My mind would not let me continue pass that one mile mark. I would literally collapse after the mile having thought I ran fast but realistically I only ran roughly an 8 minute mile (which is horrible compared to real runners). But that was when I didn’t run religiously. Now, running is my life. It’s my passion and love. How in the world did I go from absolutely hating the idea of running even a mile to running 13 miles as a fun activity.

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What effects do school uniforms actually have?

school uniforms

Some schools have incorporated school uniforms as a part of their daily education system which consists of making their students have to go in public wearing ugly, out of style, drab outfits. I condemn this crime and hereby demand the ceasing of this ridiculous policy for all students of all schools!

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How to Take Solid Pictures, with your phone

I’m not one to say that I am the number one go-to guy when it comes to photography but, I have had my experience with pictures. Clear pictures, filters, editing, I’ve gone through it all…with my phone.

Many of us can’t afford a $1000 DSLR Nikon camera, if you will, that will give us the clearest picture and coolest effects. Our main source of capturing moments usually comes from our phones. But, we just snap the picture sometimes not caring how it looks. If you’re like me you absolutely hate bad quality and blurry pictures. But if you’re also like me you only have 5 dollars in your pocket and can no where afford an actual photography camera. So, here’s how to take awesome photos with just your iPhone or Android.

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