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How can we be less selfless and more helpful to others?

While reading a book, I started noticing this reoccurring pattern in each section. Basically the entire book consisted of someone seeking help from other people. Whether it was a helpless population seeking the aid of their king or even a helpless king seeking the help from other people. Most cases consisted or a person in dire need seeking aid from another person. The thing that caught my attention was the fact that many people didn’t care to help people in need. Although their were someone good Samaritans, there were also some that didn’t care to help either. They were rather repulsed by a helpless person. They didn’t want anything to do with him or her. Some people even abandoned their loved ones for their own selfish purpose. They thought of themselves before others. Seeing the way the society functioned¬†in this particular book made me reflect on our own society and how are¬†society can be just the same way. There are many people out their who can act the same. You see it all the time on Youtube. People who run Youtube channels carry out social experiments that test humanity. They dress as homeless people and pretend as if they need money. They ask for spare change and people who walk by completely disregard their existence. It’s heartbreaking to see such thing. We live in a society of instant gratitude and we care for our own needs before others. I’m not saying everyone is like this but we’ve all one time in our lives done such selfless act. So I asked myself, “How can we have a society that is more thoughtful to others?”

Well, I found my answer in another book.