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Life of a Cross Country student


It’s bitter sweet every time I talk about my passion for running and people always say, “You actually like that?” Yes, I do. I love it. Running actually helps clear my mind of all the busy things going on in my life and is an awesome past time. But, besides being a runner I’m also a student. I attend a competitive high school where the classes are vigorous, and the teachers are strict. But, besides being a runner and a student, I’m also a son. I live under my parents’ roof and at home, whatever they say, goes. I have strict parents that have high expectations of me. Home isn’t complete relaxation though. At home I face a lot of chores and do a lot of work. It definitely isn’t easy to balance all the busy things that go on in my life so every hour counts. It requires a precise schedule that must be on time.



I get high, Runner’s High


I’ve been running as a hobby and sport for a while now. At first I always had this connotation of running as the worst possible thing that was ever created in this world. I dreaded running even a mile. I couldn’t do more than a mile. My mind would not let me continue pass that one mile mark. I would literally collapse after the mile┬áhaving thought I ran fast but realistically I only ran roughly an 8 minute mile (which is horrible compared to real runners). But that was when I didn’t run religiously. Now, running is my life. It’s my passion and love. How in the world did I go from absolutely┬áhating the idea of running even a mile to running 13 miles as a fun activity.


A Competitive Spirit. Good? or Bad?

Competitiveness. It can bring out the best of us, or the worse. So, how do we act upon it?